Chemical Composition
Carbon (C)               .40
Manganese (Mn)     .80
Silicon (Si)             1.00
Tungsten (W)
Molybdenum (Mo) 1.35
Chromium (Cr)      5.25
Vanadium (V)        1.00
Cobalt (Co)
Typical Uses
Field reports indicate that Viscount 44®'s performance is excellent on forging dies, plastic molds, extrusion tools, and other hot work tools.

VISCOUNT 44® Prehardened AISI TYPE H13 Tool Steel

Viscount 44® is fully heat treated H13 hot work steel with carefully controlled and evenly dispersed sulfide additives. It is the same analysis type as Latrobe's popular VDC, but the free-machining sulfides improve the machinability to the point where die work at a hardness of Rockwell C 42-46 is practical. It is thus possible to bypass the risk of heat treatment involved in tool building.

Prehardening gives Viscount 44® a tremendous advantage when used for hot work dies because of the constant danger of size change or distortion during heat treatment. The product also eliminates costly finishing operations after heat treatment.

Using prehardened Viscount 44® for extrusion tools makes it possible to produce dies, backers, bolsters, dummy blocks, etc. in a few hours, allowing extremely short delivery schedules to be met. In addition, the use of prehardened Viscount 44® for extrusion dies ensures clean metal at the bearing surfaces free from any possible decarburization, carburization, scale, sub-scale or other deleterious conditions sometimes encountered when finished dies are heat treated.

Field tests show that Viscount 44®'s performance in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die casting dies is at best the equivalent of regular H13. Particular examples have shown that over 100,000 shots can be obtained in large dies and over 200,000 shots in smaller dies