ASTM A529 Grade 50 Steel Beam
Chemical Composition
  • Yield Point, ksi 50 minimum
  • Tensile Strength, ksi 70-100


General Characteristics of A529-50

  • High Strength
  • Easy to weld, rivet and fabricate
Typical Uses
  • Building Construction
  • Bridges
  • Structural supports
  • Structural components

A529-50 Structural Steel Beam

ASTM A529 Grade 50 refers to a range of high strength carbon steel-manganese steel shapes. A529 Grade 50 is stronger than the more common A-36 grade, and meets a 50,000 minimum yield strength. Beams and other shapes are typically chosen for use as structural elements in high rise buildings, bridges, and other general applications requiring high strength. It is easy to weld, rivet and bolt, as well as machine and fabricate. A difference between A36 and A529 is that A529-50 contains 0.2% copper which aids in resistance to weather and other types of corrosion.

Alro stocks A529-50 Structural Beams.