Free Machining Plate Low Carbon
Chemical Composition
Typical Analysis                       Clean Cut 20/LFM 20 Type FM15®  Type 1119 Modified
Carbon (C)  .14-.22 .14-.20 .17-.23
Manganese (Mn)  1.20-1.50  1.00-1.30  1.00-1.30
Phosphorus (P)  .04 max  .04 max  .04 max
Sulphur (S)  .06-.12 .24-.33  .23-.33
Silicon (Si) .10-.40  .30 max .30 max
Typical Uses

Free Machining Plate Low Carbon

Free Machining Plate is stocked by Alro in low carbon and medium carbon steel. 1144 Modified as well as several Clean Cut grades are available. These plates are typically used to manufacture cams, gears, machine ways, molds, and sprokets.

1144 Modified

1144 Modified offers high strength and hardness and is applicable where resistance to deformation and wear are essential. It may be flame hardened to further enhance surface properties. It is frequently used as an economical replacement for more expensive quenched-and-tempered alloy grades.


About Clean-Cut Products 

The Clean-Cut/LFM 20 families of plate steel were developed for improved machining. Produced by a special calcium treatment and a controlled sulphur process, Clean-Cut steels contain sulfide inclusions which are predominately calcium modified to make them smaller and more uniformly distributed. The result: enhanced machinability.

Alro stocks the folliwng Clean-Cut Products:

  • Clean-Cut 20®
  • LFM 20
  • FM 15®
  • 1119 Modified