A1011 HSLA Steel Sheet
Chemical Composition
Carbon:               0.15% (Max)   
Manganese:          1.65% (Max)
Phosphorus:          0.020% (Max)
Sulfur:                 0.025% (Max)
Nickel:                 0.20% (Max)
Chromium:            0.15% (Max)
Molybdenum:        0.16% (Max)
Grade 50:
Tensile :  60ksi (Min)
Yield :     50ksi (Min)
Elongation :   22% min in 2" 

Grade 60:
Tensile :   70ksi (Min)
Yield :      60ksi (Min)
Elongation :   20% min in 2"

Grade 70:
Tensile :   80ksi (Min)
Yield :      70ksi (Min)
Elongation :   18% min in 2"

Grade 80:
Tensile :   90ksi (Min)
Yield :      80ksi (Min)
Elongation :   16% min in 2"
Typical Uses
A1011 HSLA Sheet Steel is generally used in applications where weight reduction is a major factor, as it offers a high strength at a fraction of the weight of conventional carbon sheet steel.

General Characteristics of A1011 HSLA:
  • Alloy Steel
  • Improved mechanical properties over carbon steel
  • Improved resistance to corrosion over carbon steel
  • Excellent weldability
  • Excellent formability

A1011 High Strength Low Alloy Steel Sheet

Alro stocks A1011 High strength low alloy sheet (HSLA) - a type of alloy steel that provides better mechanical properties or greater resistance to corrosion than carbon steel. A1011 HSLA Sheet possesses higher strength properties along with improved formability, weldability, and / or atmospheric corrosion resistance than normally obtained from conventional carbon sheet steels. These desirable properties are obtained through selected chemical composition and controlled mill processing.

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