A653 Galvannealed Sheet
Chemical Composition
Typical Uses
Excellent for Welding, Drilling, Machining, Shearing and Forming.  Uses include Skinning Frames, Truck Beds, Tool Boxes, Trays, Drip Pans, Ornamental Works, Etc.
A good choice for applications that require painting.

A653 Galvannealed Zinc-Iron Alloy Coated Steel Sheet

A653 covers steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized), or zinc-iron alloy-coated (galvannealed) by the hot-dip process. Structural steel, high strength low alloy steel, solution hardened steel, and bake hardenable steel are available in several grades based on mechanical properties. Yield strength, elongation, and bending properties of the steel shall be determined. A bend test shall be done to the coated sheets.

G90 Galvanized Steel is hot dipped in zinc - coated with a minimum 0.90 oz. of zinc per square foot. This gives the steel excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for exterior applications. 

About Galvannealed Sheet

Galvannealed sheet is carbon steel coated with zinc on both sides applied to the metal through a continuous hot-dip process. As the metal strip exits the coating bath, the zinc is subjected to an in-line heat treatment that converts the entire coating to a zinc iron alloy, giving the sheet improved surface finish so it can be painted. Alro Steel typically stocks an A-60 coating weight.