52100 Alloy
Chemical Composition
Carbon:              0.98%-1.10%
Chromium:           1.30%-1.60%
Manganese:         0.25%-0.45%
Silicon:                0.15%-0.30%
Sulfur:                 .025% or Less
Phosphorous:        .025% or Less
AISI 52100 alloy is typically bought to meet chemistry requirements rather than physical requirements. For that reason, physical properties are generally not provided unless requested prior to production. Any material can be sent to a third party after production to be tested for physical properties.
Typical Uses
52100 alloy is primarily used to make bearings used in rotating machines.

AISI 52100 Alloy Steel

Alro Stocks AISI 52100 - a moderately deep hardening alloy with high resistance to wear, medium toughness, and low resistance to softening at high temperatures.