W-1 Drill Rod/Flat/Square Tool Steel
Chemical Composition
Carbon (C)            0.70-1.50
Manganese (Mn)   0.10-0.40
Silicon (Si)             0.10-0.40
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.10 max
Chromium (Cr)      0.15 max
Vanadium (V)        0.10 max
Tungston (W)        0.15 max
Typical Uses

Blanking Dies, Cartridge Dies, Circular Cutters, Draw Dies, DriftsDrills, Engraving Stamps, Forming Dies, Gauges, Jeweler Dies, Knurling Tools, Paper Knives, Punches, Reamers, Striking Dies, Taps, Threading Dies, Wood Knives.

W-1 Drill Rod/Flat/Square Tool Steel

W-1 tool steel is stocked at Alro as drill rod, square and flats.  W-1 is a 1% carbon water hardening tool steel that is easy to machine. W-1 provides good wear resistance and toughness for the short run, but will not give tool life as extensive as O-1. W1 drill rod is produced in a ground and polished condition, with a fine surface finish better than 40 micro inches.

W-1 tool steel has a high carbon content allowing it to be used often without heat treatment, for maintenance applications. Treats evenly and provides toughness and maximum wear resistance. W-1 Drill Rods are ground to a surface finish of better than 40 micro inches and are free from defects and decarburization. Drill Rod grades are typically supplied in the annealed condition.