Grip Strut®
Chemical Composition
Typical Uses
Stair treads
Vehicle steps
Work platforms
Rooftop walkways
Transportation servicing areas
work platforms
industrial flooring
storage areas

Grip Strut® Brand Safety Grating Products

GRIP STRUT® safety grating is used to create non-slip walkways and stair treads. The planks have a high strength-to-weight performance, which ensures a high load capacity and long life.
The product is made from a lightweight metal grating specifically designed for safety underfoot. The unique one-piece diamond shaped construction provides slip-resistance in all directions. GRIP STRUT® is ideally suited for all walking/working surfaces where mud, ice, snow, grease, oil and detergents create slippery or hazardous conditions. The serrated surface is designed in an open diamond pattern. This allows drainage of fluids, mud, chips and other accident-causing debris.

GRIP STRUT® safety metal grating walkways meet OSHA requirements for toe boards on elevated structures.

Heavy Duty GRIP STRUT®

The Heavy Duty Grip Strut® offers all the advantages of regular GRIP STRUT® plus the capabilities for greater loads and/or longer spans to cover larger areas. Heavy Duty GRIP STRUT® walkways are ideal for process plants, refineries, grain elevators, conveyor walkways, under bridge inspection walkways. They have been used in manufacturing facilities and extremely harsh environment like papermills.
Compared to Bar grating, Heavy Duty GRIP STRUT® comes in 24 ft. lengths, required less support structure which also leads to less labor to install. It typically has a shorter lead time than bar grating as well. 

Other GRIP STRUT® Products

Stair Tread
Ladder Rungs
Reconditioning Material
Alro offers a full range of standard and non-standard Stair Tread products from Grip Strut®, Heavy Duty Grip Strut®, Perf-O Grip®, Traction Tread™, and Grate-Lock. Products will be offered with or without abrasive nosing. Reconditioning material is offered as an economical method of resurfacing worn and unsafe floors. Downturned edges allow the grating to lie flat and secure over existing flooring. Alro offers a large variety of ladder rungs for use in different environments and industries. Grip Strut® OneDiamond Ladder Rungs are ideal in environments where safe footing is hard to come by. Grip Strut® Ladder Rungs ensure maximum slip resistance and safe footing. Traction Tread™ Ladder Rungs are ideal for use in hand-over-hand ladder applications where safe footing is also required.