Chemical Composition
Typical Uses
These seals are used to secure steel strapping in shipping applications.


When paired with steel strapping these are the component that secures banding together when used with the proper fastening tools. There are few different styles of seals depending on what your application accepts. These types are as follows; Open(Snap-On), Push(Overlap), Semi-Open(One Leg Raised).

About The Seal Types That Alro Stocks

Open (Snap-On) Seals

Open seals have open legs to permit them to be snapped onto the overlapping strap-ends prior to tensioning. Open seals are available in regular duty sizes

Push (Overlap) Seals

Push-type seals have closed overlapping legs to be used with push-type tensioners

Semi-Open (One Leg Raised) Seals

Semi-Open seals are used on heavy-duty strapping. The closed leg is hooked over the strapping and the seal snapped down into position.

In addition to seals for strapping, Alro offers a variety of steel strapping, sealess joints, and tools for strapping including
Manual NH-4 Tensioners
Om Tensioners (Manual)
Multicrimp Tong Sealers
Strap Shears
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