Chemical Composition
Typical Uses

Securing heavy shipments
Banding material to skids



High carbon cold-rolled steel strapping is used to secure packaging on skids or pallets for shipping. Strapping is typically paired with a strapping seal. Also stocks strapping in regular duty as well as high tensile strength and available in oscillate wound,or ribbon wound.

All Regular Duty and Supramet is shipped in approximately 100 lb. (45kg) oscillated coils, which are approximately 1100 lbs. (499.2 kg) per skid. Heavy duty and High Tensile strapping is shipped in approximately 60-105 lb. ribbon wound coils, which are approximately 1500 to 2500 lbs. (680.7 to 1134.5 kg) per skid. Skids are available in cardboard wrapped Skid Packs and unwrapped Open Packs.

In addition to strapping Alro supplies Open (Snap-On) Seals, Push (Overlap) Seals, and Semi-Open (One Leg Raised) Seals as well as the following tools:
Manual NH-4 Tensioners
Om Tensioners (Manual)
Multicrimp Tong Sealers
Strap Shears

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