201 2B Stainless Steel
Chemical Composition
Iron:                72%
Chromium:         16%-18%
Manganese:       5.5%-7.5%
Nickel:              3.5%-5.5%

Silicon:             1%
Nitrogen:          0.25%
Carbon:            0.25%
Tensile Strength:     99,400 PSI
Yield Strength:        42,400 PSI
Elongation:             56%

*These numbers are "Typical" properties and may not be required to meet this grade. Please check with your Alro Sales Representative if physical properties are required for your application.*
Typical Uses
Typical applications for 201 stainless include:
  • appliances
  • restaurant equipment
  • cooking utensils
  • sinks
  • automotive trim
  • windows and doors
  • railway cars
  • trailers
  • hose clamps.

201 2B Stainless Steel

Alro stocks 201-2B Cold Rolled Mill Finish Stainless Steel Sheet. In general grade 201 alloy is a high performance austenitic stainless steel formulated to have a lower and more stable cost due to the substitution of manganese for a portion of the nickel used in 300 series stainless steels such as Type 304. In addition, the chemical composition of alloy 201 provides higher annealed mechanical properties than type 304 which can result in an additional benefit of weight reduction. The 201 tensile strength is about 10% higher than Type 304 which may allow for thinner gauges and therefore less material. However, due to the lower Chromium and Nickel content, Type 201 stainless may not have the same corrosion resistance as Type 304.
You will often find 201 stainless steel grades in commercial and residential food service applications, architectural applications household appliances and more.