7075 Aluminum
Chemical Composition

7075 aluminum alloy's composition roughly includes:

5.6 - 6.1% Zinc
2.1-2.5% Magnesium
1.2-1.6% Copper
Less than half a percent of Silicon, iron, manganese, Titanium, Chromium, among other metals.
Tensile Strength:         83,000 PSI
Yield Strength:            73,000 PSI
Elongation:                 11% Eongation

*These numbers are "Typical" properties and may not be required to meet this grade. Please check with your Alro Sales Representative if physical properties are required for your application.*

General Characterisitcs of 7075 Aluminum Include:

  • Good fatigue strength
  • Average machinability
  • Typically less corrosion resistant than other alloys
  • Comperable strength to many steels
Typical Uses
7075 Aluminum is a very strong aluminum alloy. It is often comperable to steels in strength making it a good choice for the applications listed below:
  • Aircraft Fittings
  • Gears and Shafts
  • Fuse Parts
  • Meter shafts and gears
  • Missile Parts
  • Regulating Valve Parts
  • Worm Gears
  • Bike Frames
  • All Terrain Vehicle Sprockets

7075 Aluminum Alloy

Alro stocks 7075 Aluminum, an aluminum alloy with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is one of the strongest commercially available alloys, with a strength comparable to many steels. 7075 aluminum shows good fatigue strength and average machinability, however it is less resistant to corrosion than many other Aluminum alloys. 7075 can be formed by regular methods but requires more care and precision. It is primarily used in applications where cheaper alloys are not suitable, such as aircraft structural members.