Extruded 6063 Aluminum
Chemical Composition

Chromium:             0.18%-0.28%

Copper:                 1.2%-2.0%

Magnesium:            2.1%-2.9%

Manganese:            0.3% (Max)

Silicon:                   0.4% (Max)

Zinc:                      5.1%-6.1%

Aluminum:                87.1%-91.4%

Typical Uses

Expanded 6063 aluminum bar can typically produce tight corners, and very smooth surfaces fit for anodizing. AL 6063 is primarily used in extruded shapes for commercial and architectural applications including:

  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Roofs
  • Sign frames

6063 Extruded Aluminum Shapes

6063 Extruded Aluminum Shapes

Aluminum 6063 is one of the most popular aluminum extrusion alloys on the market. It is often referred to as architectural aluminum because 6063 is so often used in architectural applications. 6063 Aluminum is noted for having the best all-around extruding properties. It is an aluminum alloy, with magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements. It has generally good mechanical properties including corrosion resistance, good strength-to-weight ratio, and weldability. Expanded 6063 extruded aluminum is available in the following shapes:

  • Flat
  • Angle
  • Round
  • Square
  • Channel
  • Pipe
  • Round Tube

6063 vs. 6061 Aluminum

6063 and 6061 aluminum use the same alloying elements, but in different amounts which results in different mechanical properties. 6061 provides a higher strength-to-weight ratio and good machinability while 6063 has excellent corrosion resistance. 6063 is more easily formed. In addition, the good surface makes it a favored choice for decorative finishes.

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