Alumold Aluminum Mold Plate
Chemical Composition
7,000 series Al Mg Zn
High-strength materials   TYS 460 to 540 MPa
Good property homogeneity throughout the thickness
Very good shape stability
Age-hardened and stress relieved
Rolled up to 300mm or forged products depending on the thickness
Thickness of up to 700mm
Maximum service temperature of 110 degrees Celsius temperature of mold, not of plastic
Typical Uses

Alumold® 500 products are designed for applications where high strength is required for the mold. These alloys are specifically for thermoplastic injection molds for medium to large series (300,000 shots or more).

This product is also suitable for blow molds, which require high resistance of the parting line and/or the knives.

AlumoldĀ® 500 Aluminum Mold Plate

Alumold® 500 is a unique aluminum mold plate that has been successfully substituted for P-20 steel in a multitude of mold applications.  Alumold® 500 is a material that more than pays for itself. Through better thermal conductivity, which improves cycle time, ease of machining and polishing, weight reduction compared to steel, dimensional stability, and consistent through thickness hardness qualities, this material will offer reduced operating costs while delivering you an improved quality of parts. Offered in rolled and forged thicknesses, Alumold® 500 is a driving force that offers more efficiency, better responsiveness, and most importantly higher profitability.

Cast aluminum tooling plate stocked at Alro includes Alca 5 (5000 series cast), ATP-5 (5000 series cast), and MIC6 (a 7000 series continuous cast).

Mold plate stocked at Alro includes AlcaMax and DuraMold-2 (both 2000 series cast), Max 5 and Duramold-5 (both 5000 series cast) and Alumold® 500, made by Constellium.

Why Alumold® 500 aluminum mold plate?

  • 4 times greater thermal conductivity than P-20
  • Twice as light as steel & offers the same features
  • Can be machined on existing equipment
  • Improved quality of parts
  • Polishing & etching 4 to 10 times quicker than steel
  • All plates heat treated & stress relieved
  • Accepts numerous surface treatments for increased hardness