1045 and 1050 Chrome-Plated Steel Bar IHCP 100k Yld/.0005
Chemical Composition
Carbon:              0.42%-0.50%
Manganese:       0.60%-0.90%
Phosphorous:     0.04% (Max)
Sulfur:                 0.05% (Max)
Yield Strength:              100,000 PSI Min
Typical Uses
  •  Standard Cylinders
  •  Dump Trucks
  •  Fork Lifts
  •  Presses
  •  Skidsteers
  •  Tractors
  •  Steering-Gear Systems
  •  Combines
  •  Planters/Balers
  •  Hydraulic Platforms
  •  Aerial Lifts
  •  Material Handling Equipment
  •  Snow Plows

IHCP 100k Yld/.0005 1045 and 1050 Chrome-Plated Steel Bar

Hard chrome-plated steel bars and/or induction hardened chrome-plated steel bars. 1045 and/or 1050 to 75,000 P.S.I., 85,000 P.S.I. or 100,000 P.S.I. minimum yield strength. Higher-strength alloy grades are available.

  • 3/4" to 5" diameter
  • Precision tolerances and surface finish
  • Plate thickness 0.0005" minimum 66 to 72 Rc hardness
  • 16 foot to 24-foot lengths
  • Metric sizes available

More About Chrome Plated Steel

Chrome-plated bars are produced from commercial-grade cold-finished or hot rolled steel bars. After centerless grinding the steel bars are polished and then hard-chrome plated (usually up to .001" thick). The bar may be induction hardened to core depth of .050" minimum and have a surface hardness of RC50 minimum. These specialized chrome-plated bars are typically used for shafting in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.