Chemical Composition

Carbon 0.350
Manganese 0.800
Silicon 0.500
Molybdenum 0.450
Chromium 1.700

  • Density: 0.284 lb/in3 (7861 kg/m3)
  • Specific Gravity: 7.86
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 30 x 106 psi (207 GPa)
  • Thermal Conductivity:
    24 Btu/ft/hr/°F
    41.5 W/m/°K
  • Machinability: 60-65% of a 1% carbon steel
Typical Uses
Die holders, Zinc die casting dies, Backers, Bolsters and Injection moulds.

AISI P-20 Steel

AISI P20 Prehardened is a chrome-moly tool steel made specifically to fill the requirements for the machined cavities and forces used in zinc die casting and plastic molding. It is delivered fully quenched and tempered to approximately Brinell 300. Other hardness levels may be obtained through additional heat treatment. P20 composition and structure provide excellent machining and polishing characteristics.