Zinc Plated Key Stock Steel Bar
Chemical Composition
  • Sharp Square Corners
  • Fine Grain Structure
  • Zinc-plated for rust resistance
Typical Uses
  • Fixtures
  • Keys
  • Guides
  • Jigs
  • Rules
  • Shafts

Square Key Stock Bar

Zinc-Plated Finish Cold Drawn Square Steel Bar - Key Stock

Key stock is typically used to where driving torque between shafts and pulleys, gears, or sprockets, is required. It is commonly used in new machinery, general maintenance, and shop repairs. These characteristics make key stock ideal in applications where rotating power devices are used. The zinc-plating provides good rust resistance.

What Is Key Stock?

Key stock is a versatile product used in manufacturing machinery and in shops. In manufacturing, key stock is used to create shaft keys, also known as machine keys or shaft keys. These are essential components in a power transmission application where torque is transmitted from a rotating shaft to the attached gear. These shafts are also used as a “first defense” or "sacrificial part" because they are designed to be the first thing to break which can keep more expensive components from being damaged.

Alro Steel stocks zinc-plated square bar in available in 12" and 36" lengths.